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Sooke: lodging: cottages & cabins

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Westburn Beach House Cottages

Westerburn Cottage SookeSweetgrass Cottage Sooke

Our two self-contained cedar-shake cottages are available year round and come complete with everything you need to make your stay with us, a dream vacation come true. Every corner of the grounds from the cottages to the gardens is a great work of custom craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Everything from the display of local art to the use of native hardwoods and flora was intended to create a haven existing in perfect harmony with its' surroundings.

$950.00 - $1,200.00
per week

Phone: 250-380-1149

CLICK HERE for Website E-mail: stay@sookevacationhomes.ca



Point No Point Cabins

Sooke cabin Point no Point

Located on the rugged Southwest coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 26 cabins to choose from, all with kitchens, fireplaces and stunning ocean views. Dine in your cabin or join us for lunch, dinner or tea at the teahouse. Hike the trails, explore the beaches or relax in your cabin with a good book and a crackling fire.

Sooke beach at Point no Point

Price Range:
$130.00 - $220
 cabin / night

Phone: 250-646-2020
Fax: 250-646-2294

CLICK HERE for Website


Sophia Sanctuary Cottage
Sophia Sanctuary East Sooke, BC

Charming private cottage nestled on 3 acres at the end of the road beside the 3,500 acre East Sooke wilderness park. Direct access to trails through the forest to the sea (20 minute walk to the beach.) Ideal for relaxing retreat for 1-4 adults. Enjoy sitting on south facing deck, relaxing in the claw-foot tub under the skylight, reading by the woodstove, or having a sauna. Special packages offered for guided meditation, relaxation, nature walks, and creativity exercises. Come and let nature nourish and inspire you; leave feeling refreshed!

Price Range:
$700 - $1000
per week

Phone: 250-642-2676
Toll Free: 1-866-642-2676

CLICK HERE for Website E-mail: barbara@sophiasanctuary.bc.ca



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